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Red Rover is your Toronto Real Estate Virtual Assistant Company for business success Red Rover is your Toronto Real Estate Virtual Assistant Company for business success

Empowering Real Estate Success

At Red Rover, our mission is to empower real estate agents in Canada to achieve greater success by providing professional assistance services that help them manage their tasks effectively.

Red Rover is a company that provides products and services to real estate professionals, catering to all aspects of business growth and development. We offer REALTORS® the added advantage of achieving a better work-life balance. Our Rovers provide them with increased opportunities to spend more time on what they love, thereby achieving and even surpassing their financial and business goals.

Discover our seamless Virtual Assistant Services tailored for Realtors, designed to boost efficiency

Our services assist individual real estate professionals in building robust and sustainable business foundations. We support professionals throughout all stages of development, systematizing their business through a series of delegated tasks carried out in a specific order to produce consistent results. We train our clients in various areas based on their needs and assist them in all facets of their businesses, from setting up and utilizing computer programs and systems to execution. In essence, we offer comprehensive administrative and concierge services.

We specialize in providing executive virtual administrative assistance and offer a wide range of services to help real estate professionals manage their workload and enhance productivity. Our clients can avail our virtual services on an ad hoc basis or through a contract for a minimum number of hours per week. Red Rover's team of executive virtual assistants are industry-trained and adept at using the latest software and technology to streamline processes, allowing REALTORS™ to concentrate on their core business activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower real estate agents with the exceptional service they deserve, through our team of Rovers who bring together their collective knowledge, experience, and skills, to deliver unparalleled professional assistance. We are committed to helping our clients manage their tasks efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on their primary business and achieve higher levels of success.


Meet Shana Malinsky, one of the top talents at Red Rover, leading the way to success

Shana Malinsky

Shana Malinsky brings to the table an impressive background in real estate.  Shana has had a highly successful career spanning more than a decade as a real estate agent, even winning the '100% Club Award Winner' at RE/MAX Hallmark for three consecutive years. Her passions include technology, productivity, and entrepreneurship. Shana's journey in real estate and her unwavering dedication to helping others achieve their goals were the driving forces behind the creation of Red Rover.

Erin Johnston

Erin is an ambitious individual, who while finishing the real estate courses realized her true passion was in the administrative world. With a diverse background encompassing psychology, the restaurant business, and the legal field, Erin brings a unique perspective to Red Rover. Her understanding of people, coupled with her love for connecting with them, enables her to cater to their needs effectively. Erin's diverse professional background makes her an indispensable asset to real estate professionals and their clients.

Erin Johnston is one of the top professionals at Red Rover, contributing to the company's success


Aubrey is a prominent member of the team at Red Rover, contributing to the pack's success


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Roxy is a valued member of the Red Rover team, playing a key role in the company's mission


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Zoe is a significant member of the Red Rover team, contributing to the company's achievements


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Why Choose Red Rover

We offer a unique blend of services designed to address the specific needs of real estate agents in Canada.

I have been using Red Rover since inception. I Enjoy working with their team of professionals to assist and complete extra work load. Great dealing with Shana and Team. Reece!

Brian Reece

Such a fabulous company and great customer service. They have always provided prompt service & ongoing communication so I am never left in the dark! Such a wonderful company! Highly recommended!

Laura Bellisario

Red Rover, your professionalism, support, and prompt response allows me to provide the best possible service to my clients and I get to focus on the areas that need me 100%. You are an amazing support team.

Margaret Gibson

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